Recherche excavated clay and re-used aluminum


Amsterdam - Paris


Sandberg Instituut Graduation Show & Floréal Belleville





Niveau Zéro Atelier presents 'Météorologies'. As a result of a year of work spent listening closely to the bad weather, 'Météorologies' operates as a standpoint as much as a gesture of invisibility. It is structured around two spaces. In the first one, we discover a collection of furniture (shelves, bench, chairs, table, carpet, game board, water fountain...) which articulates togeth two materials: reused aluminum and clay collected in the in the construction sites of the Grand Paris. The second one displays the elements which surround these object’s manufacture: raw earth deposit, clay at rest, aluminum totems and edible materials... On the reverse side of a standardized and polished space, they reveal the anatomy of a working process charged with a dimension which exceeds the field of the visible, paying attention to micro-events, and potential failure. Thus, the group affirms the coexistence of two types of thoughts. The one that is rational wants to foresee, to form and constrain the materials. The other, more magical, instills the reality with a productive uncertainty, and injects subjectivity into the functional discourse.

At every level, the official versions contradict themselves and disintegrate, revealing their elementary fragility. Niveau Zéro decided to choose this bargaining with fate as its most valuable asset. It is this risky bet taking the form of the next cloud that was chosen to be displayed here, so that as they exit the workshop, objects clamp together function and an aesthetic mystery, reconciling what we know as opposed

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© Sander Van Wettum
© Sander Van Wettum
Rideaux réalisés en collaboration avec Juliette Berthonneau
Cuir de fruits réalisés en collaboration avec Gabriel Lévy
Affiche réalisée par Etienne Clerc

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